Nrf2 is becoming increasing popular in the fight against free radical damage caused by our environment, be it via foods or outside forces. It is considered to control your body’s defense mechanism and prevents you from aging. So coming to this blog what can we use naturally to enhance its function?

What is it? 

Nrf2 is a protein found within the cells of your body. It helps in keeping any kind of stress away from your cells.

In our lives today, we are moving at hither to unknown speeds with stress, while small stresses are fine; its cumulative stress over time that starts blowing up our thyroid gland and also cause a whole host of issues. High levels of stress will not push cortisol our of whack, but also cause our cells to mutate and not function at their best.

Our stresses come from exposure to EMFs: Electro magnetic forces via cell phone, microwaves, routers used for your wi-fi networks); toxins from air pollution and water; foods: refined/processed, GMOs, lifestyle habits, financial pressures; emotional: our relationships, marriages, childhood experiences.

Enter Nrf2, which tells the cells to make protective molecules to reduce our stress., these then help clean up bad cells, improve cellular functions, and help the protective mechanism within cells to kick in.

Eating foods, which increase the activity of Nrf2, will enhance the protector mechanism you will derive from it –

  1. Avocado (Vitamin C and E and great unsaturated fats)
  2. Grapes — all colours specially black which have anthocyanins (an antioxidant known for its benefits)
  3. Leafy greens – high in Vitamin C, beta-carotene
  4. Tomatoes – high in lycopene
  5. Sweet potatoes – low on the GI and high in beta carotene
  6. Broccoli – has many antioxidants and carotenoids
  7. Turmeric – high in curcumin known ofr its antioxidant activity
  8. Ashwagandha – Helps with any kind of stress
  9. Black pepper – Contains piperine and combined with curcumin makes for an excellent antioxidant, increasing its bioavailability

It is my job to enlighten you with stuff new in the medical world using foods to combat oxidative stress; so don’t forget about Nrf2!

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