Anger, Inflammation and the Brain

According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine); anger is the emotion of the LIVER. Therefore, automatically if you have the anger, we know your liver is definitely off. Research also points out to the inflammation markers of people diagnosed with something called IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder) being very high. Your one marker of inflammation namely CRP (C-reactive protein) produced in the liver in response to an injury or infection and IL-6 (interleukin-6) secreted by the white blood cells rise when the body’s inflammatory response is stimulated. Anger triggers cortisol, which helps mobilize sugar and it also acts as an immune suppressant, lowering levels of IgA a guard of gut mucosa, promoting inflammation. When you have inflammation, the inflammatory cytokines travel through the body damaging tissues and mitochonodria, they also infiltrate the brain causing damage. It uses tryptophan to stimulate anxiety-provoking chemicals, instead of serotonin i.e., what you need to feel good and generate less anger.

Someone with a poor gut (unhealthy lifestyle and diet), will naturally be predisposed to a lethargic liver and inflammation, thereby being irritable, angry and creating more inflammation’ also pre-disposing them to depression. Trouble then comes about, when you are in anger all the time and your inflammation response is activated and there is no ‘off” switch for it.

Here are some signs that you have brain inflammation –

  1. You are more in a bad mood than a good mood
  2. You feel lethargic and tired easily
  3. You get constant migraines/headaches
  4. You suffer from brain fog
  5. You suffer from eye issues
  6. You are anxious easily

How to get out?

Avoid sugar in any form (sugar, colas, sodas, candy, boxed foods with sugar), stay away from refined carbs (maida), stay away from bad quality fats (refined oils, trans and hydrogenated fats), processed and cured foods, artificial sweeteners, alcohol (minimize), stimulants too much of them: coffee, drugs, medication.

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