An autoimmune condition arises when the body loses its ability to recognise the difference between good and bad cells. So, the fighter cells (good cells) start attacking themselves.

What causes autoimmune disease?

The cause of an autoimmune disease is generally unknown; however, Shonali believes it is almost entirely preceded by a digestive system issue – especially a leaky gut. The immune system is the gatekeeper to your health. When under attack, the antibodies (proteins) created attack healthy tissue and also the lining of your gut, loosening the tight junctions (TJ) of the intestinal wall, leading to leaky gut syndrome.

What is Shonali's USP (Uniqueness)?

Shonali’s autoimmune disease natural treatment aims to strengthen the body’s immune system by first fortifying the gut. She adds a host of natural foods with her remedies and gut-building foods to help you achieve some state of normalcy, resolving autoimmune issues.

How does Shonali help?

SShonali's approach relies on the tenets of Macrobiotic philosophy: using the oriental system of ‘facial diagnosis’ and touch meridian diagnosis (if needed) to analyse the strength and health of your organs. Her framework (like Ayurveda) relies on using the foundation of analysing your constitution (that which you were born with: blueprint from your parents) and condition (that which you have created growing up). Macrobiotic philosophy uses the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements of ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ to help her diagnose everything you are or do. This is her training and USP and how she actually zeroes in on your diagnosis and further prognosis.

She uses the food tools and the principles of the Macrobiotic approach to aim at strengthening your gut, detoxifying you of all the accumulated toxins (‘ama’ in Ayurveda plus any accumulation of bad gut bacteria causing ‘dysbiosis’, i.e., when bad bacteria outweigh the beneficial ones) and balance the body’s pH. Her approach is to make you identify the toxins you are consuming from foods, the environment and your lifestyle and get rid of them. An autoimmune disease natural treatment brings in food elements to clean up your gut and help you detoxify. She then layers this with holistic, natural everyday foods, using her knowledge of balancing the ‘foods’ and ‘cooking styles’ to give you the required strength to overcome your ailment and encourage balance.


33, Homemaker
My heartfelt gratitude to Shonali mam: her guidance in diet and her positive talks made me physically and emotionally strong enough to become a second-time mother. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune …
45, Art Collector
“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune) and I knew my erratic lifestyle with sleeping late and travelling did not allow me to keep healthy. I already had a thyroid condition, but …
25, Marketing
I have had issues with my gut and immunity in general for the longest time. I remember crying everyday before going to school because my stomach would hurt and I would feel so uneasy. I have also …
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