Being overweight could be the result of various reasons, but it is an indicator that the body is not in balance. Weight is therefore a byproduct of that imbalance.

What is Shonali's USP (Uniqueness)?

On a Macrobiotic diet for weight loss, Shonali does not follow a CICO (Calorie In and Calorie Out) approach. Her endeavor in weight loss is to first check and balance why you have extra weight and is the digestive system working well and bring you back to balance. She then impacts weight loss as the body is restored to its normal set point. She does work with some amount of portion control, a strict adherence to basic macronutrients and micronutrients.

Her approach relies on the tenets of Macrobiotic philosophy: using the oriental system of ‘facial diagnosis,’ and touch meridian diagnosis (if needed) to analyze the strength and health of your organs.Her framework (like Ayurveda) relies on using the foundation of analyzing your constitution (that which you were born with: blueprint from your parents) and condition (that which you have created growing up). Macrobiotic philosophy uses the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements of ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ to help her diagnose everything you are or do. This is her training and USP and how she actually zeroes in on your diagnosis and further prognosis.

How does Shonali help?

She uses the food tools and the principles of the Macrobiotic approach to aim at: strengthening your gut, detoxify you of all the accumulated toxins (‘ama’ in Ayurveda plus any accumulation of bad gut bacteria causing ‘dysbiosis’ i.e., when bad bacteria outweigh the beneficial ones) and balance the body’s pH. Her approach is to make you identify the toxins you are consuming from foods, the environment and your lifestyle; and get rid of them. Plus bring in food-elements to clean up your gut to help you detoxify. She then layers this with the use of holistic natural everyday foods; using her knowledge of balancing the ‘foods’ and ‘cooking styles’ used to give you the required strength to overcome your ailment and encourage balance.

Shonali is based in mumbai and is presently working online in ver 35 countries. She is the only one who works with you, and there are no assistants or other nutritionists between you and her. She conducts her own follow ups and meetings personally; as she believes turning your health condition around is a ‘personal’ business; and only she has been trained to diagnose your condition and monitor the progress one-on-one. The macrobiotic approach is integrative, alternative and comes under the branch of lifestyle medicine, using foods as medicine to reverse and cure your health ailment/disease.


43, Businessman
“I met Shonali through her workshops, her enthusiasm and passion for health is contagious. I was overweight by 10 kilos; she came in like a fairy with her magic wand. I enrolled for her 4-month …
35, Lawyer
“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, with a tendency towards Crohn’s disease. I approached Shonali to help me resolve this crisis, my stomach was bloated and hard; I looked pale and my …
Renowned Poet, Lyricist and Scriptwritter
I was suffering with H. pylori, had a bloated stomach and was feeling very uncomfortable. I followed her (Shonali) diet and it made a huge difference, great.
Renowned Poet, Lyricist and Scriptwritter
I have lost weight…and feel more energetic. Anybody who wants to lose weight without starving should read Shonali’s book.
45, Homemaker
“I am 45, with a 9-year-old hypothyroid condition. As a result, weight gain was easy but shedding even a kilo was a mammoth effort, despite being active and regular with my exercise. After several …
I never knew why I was always bloated, uncomfortable and never lost my weight. Till one day I picked up Shonali’s book ‘The Detox Diet,’ and could not put it down. I only knew that I had …
Weight Loss Workshop
"I always thought diet food is sad food! But it was delicious."
48, Professor, Atlanta, GA
One word to describe Shonali is AMAZING. I was suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms and migraines. My migraine was so bad that I was not able to function in my day- to- day routine. The doctor …
33, Finance
With SoulFood i learnt that you are what you eat and that your body is your temple. These two things shifted the way I started to think about food. I joined Shonali for her Detox Diet and the …
30, Homemaker
Shonali’s pregnancy diet is a must do. She gives you the best plan ever to keep you fit, weight under-check, and sort out supplementation. She focuses on your baby’s condition while you are …
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