Candida is the overgrowth of yeast in the gut. It doesn’t just restrict itself to the gut but starts wrapping itself around all the empty pathways in the body, like a carpet.

What causes candida?

Candida is triggered by the foods that are consumed, which Shonali terms as trigger foods that create an acidic pH and cause bad gut bacteria to thrive in your body.

What is Shonali's USP (Uniqueness)?

Shonali’s candida diet plan is based on the tenets of Macrobiotic philosophy: using the oriental system of ‘facial diagnosis’ and touch meridian diagnosis (if needed) to analyse the strength and health of your organs. Her framework (like Ayurveda) relies on using the foundation of analysing your constitution (that which you were born with: blueprint from your parents) and condition (that which you have created growing up). Macrobiotic philosophy uses the ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ elements of ‘energy’ or ‘prana’ to help her diagnose everything you are or do. This is her training and USP and how she actually zeroes in on your diagnosis and further prognosis.

How does Shonali help?

She uses the food tools and the principles of the Macrobiotic approach to aim at strengthening your gut, detoxifying you of all the accumulated toxins (‘ama’ in Ayurveda plus any accumulation of bad gut bacteria causing ‘dysbiosis’, i.e., when bad bacteria outweigh the beneficial ones) and balance the body’s pH. Her approach is to make you identify the toxins you are consuming from foods, the environment and your lifestyle and get rid of them. Plus, your candida diet plan brings in food elements to clean up your gut to help you detoxify. She then layers this with holistic, natural everyday foods, using her knowledge of balancing the ‘foods’ and ‘cooking styles’ to give you the required strength to overcome your ailment and encourage balance.

Soon, the symptoms of bloating, swelling, cravings, mental fogginess, and lethargy all start coming under control, and you start feeling cleansed of the candida. Typically, each one bounces back individually at their own time. It took Shonali 2 years to knock it out of her system.


I never knew why I was always bloated, uncomfortable and never lost my weight. Till one day I picked up Shonali’s book ‘The Detox Diet,’ and could not put it down. I only knew that I had …
21, Student
“I had been on Shonali’s program initially for candida, which got resolved. Then I took a break under her supervision but kept following the main principles. I started eating some junk foods …
32, Pilot
“I had urticarial, it’s nice saying ‘had’ as now it’s gone because I followed Shonali strictly for 2 years. I first learnt everything to do with the approach she outlined for me over 4 …
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