What is gut health?

Your gut is like a tube actually starts at the mouth and ens at the anus. While we are born pure, unfettered and uncontaminated. But did you know that the moment you exit the birth canal, you start picking up the microbes from your environment? As Raphael Kellman says in The Microbiome Diet, ‘You become 90 per cent microbe.’ If we look at ourselves, we are 10 per cent human and 90 per cent microbes. The collection of microorganisms that make our bodies their home are called human microbiota, and microbiome (the genetic code of each microorganism) is a miniature world of non-human organisms (microbiota) that flourish within your gastrointestinal tract. Our DNA makes us unique, and what we have discovered is we have a unique microbiome. Microbes encompass: good bacterial, yeasts and enzymes. Our ‘gut flora’ defines our health. These sustain us and keep us going, and are largely concentrated in the ‘gut.’Just as in Ayurveda, where the seat of everything goes back to the digestive system ‘agni’ as they refer to it. She operates using the same principles to guide you with foods that work for you.

Importance of gut health

Our health and immunity is guided by good and sound gut health. This is why it is important to maintain it. Gut health comes into play by having a strong ecosystem that is gut bacteria that is diverse. The microbes in our gut control the responsiveness of the entire immune system. Our gut microbes communicate with the part of the immune system located in the intestine. These ‘conversations,’ (Justin and Erica Sonnenburg: The Good Gut) help our body discriminate between harmless entities like food or havoc-creating microorganisms like salmonella.

How to improve gut health

Shonali’s training in the area of ‘gut’ strengthening comes after her experience with different ailments that stem primarily from here. She has worked over 3600 cases addressing the ‘gut’ as a ‘gut health specialist’ and her research is backed by her book The Detox Diet, where is puts forth her theory. It’s a good idea to read the book, and understand how the ‘gut’ functions.

The Macrobiotics traditions cornerstone is including foods that strengthen the human microbiome, and this is what makes her specialized as a ‘gut health expert.’The Macrobiotic approach is one of the strongest ‘gut health’ diets in the World. Disease or lack of immunity stems from many reasons, but if you’re immune barrier (namely your ‘gut’) is weak, then Shonali works towards reasons that weaken it by removing triggers: medication, NSAIDs (painkillers), sugar, refined carbohydrates, and many other foods that do not create a good ecosystem.

She follows the approach as outlined in her book The Detox Diet of adding high-fibre foods that feed the gut bacteria to nourish them and see them thrive and fortifies you with fermented foods (that’s if they work for you). She then adds wholesome, natural foods and strives to work with your condition tailor-making your diet suit you.

She specializes in ‘gut dysbiosis’ that is a breakdown of your gut which is the underlying cause of many ailments (especially autoimmune conditions, allergies, recurrent infection, food intolerances, degenerative disease and those ailments that have broken down cellular functioning).

She herself has survived candidiasis (the multiplication of a negative bacteria that could result in recurrent yeast infections, inflammation, depression, mood swings hormones, mental fogginess, infertility, autoimmune disease, leaky gut, inflammation and a lot more) using the Macrobiotic approach, it took her 2 years to knock it out of her system.


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